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Workhack Open House

Work hack #8: Open House

Work hacks?

Work hacks are simple yet original methods that can be used quickly and directly to improve teamwork and work results. In our series, we present tried-and-true work hacks that sustainably change teamwork.

Work hack #8: Open House

“Open House” isn’t quite meant in the classic sense of the term. Rather, it’s about inviting people to exchange and network. You can do this in various formats, which all have their advantages:

  • Meetups (with workshops): Large numbers of participants are possible, usually take place in the evening, and do not affect the workflow.
  • Stations during an innovation tour: Planned numbers of participants, run smoothly and quickly, and often bring an industry-specific audience.
  • Coworking spaces in offices: Enable continuous cross-industry exchange, have great appeal, and often open up space for creativity.

To get started, a meetup is ideal because it can be organized quickly. All you need is an exciting speaker and tasty snacks. Through platforms like “meetup.com” and social media, you can share the event and reach many people right away.