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Workhack Peer Feedback

Work hack #7: Peer Feedback

Work hacks?

Work hacks are simple yet original methods that can be used quickly and directly to improve teamwork and work results.

In our series, we present tried-and-true work hacks that sustainably change teamwork.

Work hack #7: Peer Feedback

First of all, feedback is always good! Feedback from others not only helps us evolve, it also signals connectedness. Nevertheless, feedback discussions are often fraught with fear. This is partly due to the fact that in many companies there is only one feedback session per year, during which the entire body work from the past 12 months is evaluated. Furthermore, the management and employees usually sit opposite each other during the meeting; i.e., two people who do not work closely together in everyday life.

An alternative: regular peer feedback!

In peer feedback, it is not management that invites the conversation, but rather the person who wants to get feedback from others. Depending on the size of the company, the employee selects 2 to 5 colleagues whose feedback is particularly relevant to him or her. At the agreed time, everyone gets together and, after discussing it in advance, the feedback providers share their assessment with the feedback receiver. An appreciative attitude is mandatory. Thus, it’s about communicating what the feedback taker is doing well, what distinguishes him or her, and where there is still room for development.

Extra tip: The peer feedback sessions do not necessarily have to take place in a group but can also take place in one-on-one conversations. The person who receives feedback decides what he or she feels comfortable with.