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Workhack Slack Time

Work hack #10: Slack Time

Work hacks?

Work hacks are simple yet original methods that can be used quickly and directly to improve teamwork and work results.

In our series, we present tried-and-true work hacks that sustainably change teamwork.

Work hack #10: Slack Time

Slack means “easy” or “relaxed.” Slack Time is something like business-related leisure time. On a fixed day of the month, your employees are “free” to work on their own projects and ideas. However, these must have something to do with the company. The idea behind it is that we are often so involved in day-to-day business that we no longer have the time to think and try out things out in new areas. Similarly, we know that routine kills creativity. During Slack Time, everyone works on something that interests him or her – be it the development of a game or the redesign of the office space.

Tipp: Slack Time also applies to collaboration. Everyone briefly introduces what he or she wants to work on. This way, others may join if interested. After the break, the results are presented.