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Work hack #43: My tiny New Normal

Changing habits takes time and perseverance. If we take on too much at once (exercise more, meditate daily, cook healthier, read more,…), we tend to give up after a short period of time. To make sure that doesn’t happen, it makes sense to focus on one (1!) small behavioural change that has a measurable effect on our (work) life and stick to it for one whole month. For example: take regular breaks to be physically active during the work day. To get started, the minimum goal should be small enough to be easily met on a daily basis, e.g. a 5-minute walk around the block twice a day. This can be increased bit by bit. And before you know it, you will be taking two 30-minute walks around the neighborhood by the end of the month. Once the “new normal” is established, we can tackle the second goal. This way we can adjust our routines slowly but surely and make crucial changes to our everyday life.

Work hacks?

Work Hacks are simple, yet original, methods that can be implemented quickly and directly. They improve collaboration and results in the work context.

In this series we will introduce tried and tested Work Hacks that will effectively improve collaboration.