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Work hack #30: Check-in Check-out

You slack, you zoom, you skype and then the weekend comes and on Monday you continue to slack and zoom and skype and you ask yourself whether you’ve even managed to do anything productive in between the countless online meetings and homeschooling the offspring? – For sure! Gathering thoughts and feelings, reflecting on successes and challenges, tuning in to what lies ahead, and looking back on what has passed – this is possible (on every channel) at the weekly check-in on Monday and the check-out on Thursday or Friday, depending on when your week ends. Two fixed questions and one new question dictate the direction.

 Possible questions for the Check-In: 

  • What do you want to achieve this week? 
  • What challenges lie ahead of you?
  • What are you most looking forward to this week?  

 Possible questions for the Check-Out: 

  • What did you do well this week? 
  • What challenges did you have to overcome (or still have to)?
  • Your happiest moment of the week?

Work hacks?

Work Hacks are simple, yet original, methods that can be implemented quickly and directly. They improve collaboration and results in the work context.

In this series we will introduce tried and tested Work Hacks that will effectively improve collaboration.