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Work hack #22: Let the nose do the talking

One minute he’s on topic, the next he’s down the rabbit hole – it can happen that fast. But how do you signal to your colleague in a charming way that he or she should return to the topic? Interrupting him or her is uncomfortable for everyone involved. Better to: shut up, nose on! It is bright red and whoever puts it on signals with a wink (of the nose): Off Topic! In most cases, the visible reaching for the red nose is enough and the person speaking will find his way back to the topic at hand.

By the way: The red nose is best placed in the hands of the person who is moderating the meeting.

Work hacks?

Work Hacks are simple, yet original, methods that can be implemented quickly and directly. They improve collaboration and results in the work context.

In this series we will introduce tried and tested Work Hacks that will effectively improve collaboration.