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Work hack #17: Why Talks

Why do you work here? Why not somewhere else? Two questions that can pack a punch – or be answered easily. Both is ok and shouldn’t stop us from asking ourselves and our colleagues these questions regularly. Only if we know why we work for a company can we get motivated for it. Perhaps the “why” changes over time, perhaps it will make certain tasks or teams redundant – in any case, conscious reflection is an effective agent for change and development in a constantly changing working environment. Be bold and try organizing regular “Why Talks”. Start with your department and then move on to the entire company.

Extra-Tipp: Make the “Why” visible for everyone to see, for instance in form of a manifest.

Work hacks?

Work Hacks are simple, yet original, methods that can be implemented quickly and directly. They improve collaboration and results in the work context.

In this series we will introduce tried and tested Work Hacks that will effectively improve collaboration.