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Work hack #16: Timeboxing

An agenda, a clock and someone who keeps track of both. That’s all you need for timeboxing. Metaphorically speaking, timeboxing is about limiting time – in meetings or at work – by setting boundaries, like in a box. In practice that means the meeting ends after 15 minutes – no matter what! Whatever hasn’t been discussed by then stays undiscussed. In order for this method to work, all participants have to know how much time is available. They will be amazed how little time is actually needed to discuss all important matters. Meetings become more efficient and the execution of project tasks more focused – with a high level of happiness for all. 

Work hacks?

Work Hacks are simple, yet original, methods that can be implemented quickly and directly. They improve collaboration and results in the work context.

In this series we will introduce tried and tested Work Hacks that will effectively improve collaboration.