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Visiting Tandemploy – Innovation trips with an effect.

Admittedly, in the beginning we were a bit skeptical as to whether these “innovation trips” by big companies into our Tandemploy world would have the desired effect. In the meantime, busloads of managers come to visit us regularly – and we can say that it is very rare for these “learning journeys,” “new work tours,” or “safaris” to have no impact.

This is because it is not just a question of “taking a peek” into our world, and then going back to one’s own, excited but unchanged. The point is not to highlight the differences between “old” and “new” economics and demonstrate an imaginary rift by emphasizing these differences. Rather, it is about showing more and more that, at the end of the day, we work and operate in one economy – and both sides can learn an incredible amount from each other.

Taking off one’s tie and (at least) temporarily speaking informally may well contribute to conversation and depth, but ultimately that is not what leads to these encounters to often be consequential and result in actual change. What’s consequential to the companies that visit us – and consequential to us – is that we learn to better understand the working worlds of the “big guys” and thereby help them even more on their way to a flexible, networked organization in the digital age.

Want to visit? Contact us! We have (almost always) open doors, excellent coffee, and, later in the evening, also a “tandem brew” (our homemade beer); and we can share a lot with you: experiences, thoughts, inspiration, personal things, visionary things, and also very practical things.

We follow the “Working. Different.” program. In our Berlin office, we work flexibly to the highest degree and at the same time develop software that cleverly networks colleagues and knowledge with one another in (larger) organizations, thus making large companies more flexible, piece by piece.





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