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Live what you preach! How we work at Tandemploy.

Live what you preach! How we work at Tandemploy.

Tandemploy develops software that purposefully and cleverly networks people and knowledge in organizations: to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, to work collectively to make flexible forms of work a reality, and to support digital transformation in companies. But we always try to live what we preach to the outside world. How else could we credibly and effectively make organizations more flexible and use our solutions to inspire a more agile working world?? Small companies like us especially have the freedom and opportunity to act quickly, to be brave and to try new things. Who, if not us, can live “new” work and initiate social change? Who, if not us, is responsible for tomorrow’s work environment, which in the best-case scenario starts today?

Flexible work at Tandemploy

We believe in work that fits in with life. #MakeItEasy is our credo. It was clear to us from the beginning that we wanted to implement and try out in our own company the things we promote so diligently.
At the beginning there were many questions: How do we want to organize ourselves to distribute tasks? How do we want to communicate and which values ​​are particularly important to our teamwork? Accordingly, what should the rules of the game be for everyone? How would the space in which we work look?

It was clear very early that the old “40-hour full-time” thinking was not for us. It has always seemed absurd to us that virtually every (!) job should automatically fit into a 40-hour work week. Why? Who says that?

We at Tandemploy thought from the outset in terms of tasks and areas, not in fixed positions. We said goodbye to the 40-hour week, as well as the classic 20-hour part-time framework. The perfect working hours for many, as we quickly discovered, are more like 30 hours a week. A nice number of hours, which allow for high productivity and variety in tasks and depth, but at the same time leave enough space for other areas of life, as well as ideas and new impressions.

Network trumps hierarchy

However, flexibility is not the only thing that’s important to us for our teamwork. We also work very collaboratively and transparently together. There is space to try things out, for experimentation. Every six weeks at our Open Wednesday, knowledge is consciously shared, new networks are formed, and often new projects are created, in interdisciplinary project teams that never existed before. There is also a recap in the form of an internal newsletter so that all employees get the results. We generally put lot of effort into learning and sharing our work. Our numbers are shown transparently on a screen to the whole team. Employees have the opportunity to find the right place for themselves through job rotation. Using different tools, we keep up to date with tasks and projects and exchange ideas.

We’re always learning along the way. We try, make mistakes, and try again.

Jana once laid out the Tandemploy approach in an interview:

“We have grown as people, as entrepreneurs and of course as a company. Soon we will have 25 team members, which is a very different situation from just three when it comes to designing things on the drawing board and discussing matters quickly across the table. We also need rules and rituals to work together as flexibly as possible. We ourselves are experimenting a lot with new forms of work and always want to preserve the greatest possible openness, as well as our optimism and joy.” Jana Tepe

At the beginning of our founding there was a vision: we wanted to make a very pragmatic and concrete contribution toward making our working environment a more flexible and life-friendly place. This vision persists to this day and affects the way we work on a daily basis.




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