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Tandemploy’s Secret Sauce: Why companies no longer want to do without us

Once Tandemploy, always Tandemploy? – Given the speed at which our environment is changing, we might not want to go that far. But the fact is: For more than three years now, we have not lost a single customer. Every (!) pilot has been extended because our software convinces and provides organizations with tangible support in achieving their goals. Even before the crisis, many companies recognized how important it is to know their employees and to make their (sometimes hidden) skills visible and promote them. Others are now following suit. Our users and fans include companies such as the Lufthansa Group, SAP, and Evonik, but also various mid-sized companies such as insurance companies, suppliers, banks, just to name a few. Employees in 58 countries and 276 cities worldwide are networking with SaaS for a wide variety of reasons and working models. Trend: rising.  

How is Tandemploy different? What is the secret of our success (which is actually not so secret)? – The five main points that inspire our customers are:

1. Tangible Use Cases

We don’t match just for two, but for many different use cases, including mentoring, job sharing, generational exchange, lunch dates, job shadowing, short assignments, projects, workshops, and more. Thanks to the wide variety of possibilities it offers, our SaaS is interesting and relevant for very different target groups within a company. Each company can select the use cases that fit their culture. Getting started is easy because the motivation to use the software and the effect it has, are equally high. Anyone who has experienced how working and learning in a networked way can take everyday work and personal development in a whole new direction will no longer want to miss it.

2. User-centered approach

People matter – that is our motto and the DNA of our software. The SaaS is designed to give employees at all levels the best possible user experience and greatest possible benefit, whether it be management, HR, or every individual employee. And with minimal effort. Sometimes the threshold is so low that employees are unsure whether they have done everything right. They have, by the way, because transformation doesn’t have to be complicated.

3. New Work Expertise: DNA instead of Buzzword

We don’t just preach New Work, we have been practicing it since the first day of our foundation eight years ago, whether with a team of two employees or 30. Our software is based on our values and our mission, and every development step must be measured against the question of whether it makes work and life easier for the users, more enjoyable and productive, and whether it contributes to the development opportunities of both the individual employees and the organization as a whole.

4. Introduction in just a few weeks

Our SaaS integrates with all major HR systems. So companies don’t have to overhaul everything when they launch their talent marketplace. On the contrary: the existing systems benefit from what happens in the marketplace and can be fed with skills and learning interests, for example. Therefore the launch can be prepared relatively quickly: from signing the contract to launching the marketplace often takes no more than four weeks.

5. High standards for data security & ethics

We develop our software according to the highest ethical principles and in compliance with all data protection guidelines at the EU level. The strong foundation of our SaaS comes from our mindset that puts employees and their user experience at the center of all considerations. Data is collected and analyzed in a way that promotes humanness and development opportunities. People Analytics FOR the People is what we call it. Based on this, we have developed our algorithms in-house with professionals, supported by scientific institutes. In addition, we are constantly conducting further research and incorporating feedback from our customers into our further development steps. At the same time, we are also committed to the ethical use of AI beyond our company boundaries. As active members of the HR-Tech Ethics Advisory Board, we have helped to develop guidelines that can be used as a point of reference for all companies that handle large amounts of data.

Feeling the ease of digitization

In addition to these TOP 5 success factors, there is also a very simple explanation as to why we are successful in what we do: For many of the companies that work with us, it is a completely new experience to try new things without fear, to feel the ease of digitization, and to look to the future with optimism and positive anticipation of everything that is yet to come. A future that they won’t want to miss. Networked work is not just fun but addictive. And in the best sense of the word. Because the future belongs to networked organizations.

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