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“Stop the Men in Grey” – Jana Tepe in her TED talk about today’s world of work

Be faster, improve your time management and save valuable time. If you take a look at bookstore shelves, you will find that the topic of time optimization is in vogue: here and there, you can eliminate a useless task from your life, delegate tasks or set proper priorities in your date book. The list is long and arbitrary. The paradox is that although this does indeed save time, every single person still has less and less of it. When you dedicate time in one place, it is stolen elsewhere.

In the novel “Momo” by Michael Ende, the “Men in Grey”, who were Time Thieves, mingled unnoticed among the inhabitants of a city and preached thrift as agents of the Timesavings Bank. Gradually, despite saving time, the lives of people became increasingly joyless and unhappy. Only a little girl named Momo recognized the problem and dared to fight against the seemingly overpowering “Men in Grey”.


Inspired by Momo, Jana Tepe talks about today’s world of work in her TED Talk and calls for us to “Stop the Men in Grey! – Start changing the working world today!”

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