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Happy Moments: The “Tandem Bears” from Beiersdorf

At Tandemploy, we have a special meeting: Every Monday, the team members meet and talk about Happy Moments – professionally and/or privately – from the past week. That’s the Happy Meeting. Instead of a long meeting, we just go through a quick round, and everybody starts the new week happy and motivated. As everyone knows, we like to share, so starting now, we will be showcasing some of these Happy Moments.

We’re starting with the “Beiersdorf Tandembärchen” (English: “Tandem Gummy Bears”). It was definitely a Happy Moment in job sharing – for us and certainly also for all the employees at Beiersdorf.

Some background: At Beiersdorf, there are some wonderful ideas for an internal communication campaign to introduce and market our flexibilization software.

Beiersdorf Exclusive: Dr. Gesa Muhr and Dr. Rixa Dippe

“More sovereignty over time means a better quality of life for me.” – Brigitte Abrell wants to establish part-time leadership as a working model

Beiersdorf Exclusive: Dr. Vera Iversen