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Change without process. An example: The Open Wednesday

Knowledge transfer, collaborative work, network building, agility, silo teardown, open space – big buzzwords that many companies do not even try to implement. That’s a shame, because digitalization urgently needs new working models & structures. In the meantime, it is happening very quickly and directly. However, it’s still possible to put these topics on the agenda with simple formats. An example? Our Open Wednesday.

The Open Wednesday

Every 6 weeks, we meet at Tandemploy on Wednesday for Open Wednesday. On this day, we collect the topics – from all areas and teams – that do not get addressed in everyday work or for which one would like to receive input from others. This allows all employees to look into another area and work on specific topics. Knowledge is exchanged, new networks are formed and often new projects are created in interdisciplinary project teams that never previously existed.

Collaborative, productive & nice

“The nice thing is that not only do employees learn about content from other areas, they can also provide new perspectives and input, which is absolutely valuable. We’ve found that this day is absolutely rewarding and we make decisions much faster.” Marion

Marion’s quote nicely sums up the advantages of interdisciplinary teams. On Open Wednesday, IT colleagues will discuss marketing issues, and customer-happiness colleagues will bring their ideas to bear on new product features. Time and again we experience how “open innovation” works in practice and how creative these days and our team are.

At lunchtime, there is a team lunch with all the employees, which rarely takes place on regular working days.

Afterwards, an “Open Wednesday Recap” is always written and sent to the whole team as a summary, and for all those who could not be there in person.

Open Wednesday is just one example of how easy it is to bring digital transformation issues into a business. Working. Differently? #MakeItEasy

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