Your individual Skill Landscape

Tandemploy Advanced Skill Analytics

Do you really know what you know?

Many organizations don’t know exactly which skills and potential lie dormant in their employees. The Tandemploy software doesn’t just create a space for the active participation of the staff, it also generates very valuable data for HR and management, especially because of the high individual benefit the solution provides to employees.

Asking the right Questions is half the Battle.

The Advanced Skill Analytics reveal how employees really want to work and which skills they bring to the job − and above all those they want to contribute! − and shows skill maps, skill gaps and learning interests within the organization. The data, which is only made available in an aggregated and anonymous form consistent with Tandemploy’s guiding ethical principles, provides HR and management with a highly exciting

The Foundation: Our Smart Ontology

The foundation for our skills analytics is the Tandemploy ontology, which is continuously growing and learning daily. The semantic links in our comprehensive skills database enable not only precise matching for the users but, in the following step, facilitate very in-depth reporting for HR and management. Synonyms and spelling mistakes are also taken into account to ensure the most precise possible conclusions about individual talent landscapes and (hidden) potential in companies.