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Tandemploy SaaS – Matching with a Purpose

Break down Silos, connect Knowledge Islands

– with clear Benefits for your Employees!

Internal networking can have many good reasons. And, indeed, it should, because without concrete reasons, knowledge exchange and cooperation in a company prove to be difficult. Our software provides practical matching of your employees for use cases such as new working models, forms of collaboration, or particular occasions and topics. Thus, internal networking becomes tangible – and brings a “work differently” utopia within reach.

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Good Data – Good Decisions

Valuable evaluations are created for HR and management when employees see added value and are thus happy to specify their skills and interests. We provide these – aggregated and therefore anonymized, of course – as part of our Advanced Skill Analyser.

Find out more about your individual skill map, about possible skill gaps, and, above all, about the learning interests and thus the development potential of your employees!

Get to know Tandemploy personally!

Make an appointment with us and we will give you insight into our Tandemploy software and its possibilities. We will be happy to elaborate on the topics and use cases that are relevant to you!

Own your Career!

How the Software works

The Tandemploy software provides a closed space in which employees can help shape their careers bottom-up and on their own initiative. According to their needs (to develop, to work on exciting topics, to find support, to work less, etc.), they are matched with suitable colleagues and offers within the company. This quickly results in practical solutions and ideas, and thus relief for HR and management, who can say “goodbye” to Excel lists and “hello” to scalable concepts.

State Interests

Employees register on the platform with their company email address ( or via SSO) and are first asked for their professional needs and (educational) interests.

Smart Profile

Based on individual skills and (educational) interests, a profile is automatically generated which can optionally be anonymised and builds the foundation for a good matching process.


The smart Tandemploy Matching now automatically suggests appropriate colleagues and/or offers within the company; e.g., the perfect opportunity for an internship in another area.


The first contact is made quickly and easily via the platform. Through a bottom-up approach, colleagues can contact each other without detours – and thus relieve HR and management.



An attractive user interface in your corporate design – with intuitive navigation for both young and old.


Meaningful integration into existing software landscapes; e.g., in HR systems such as SAP SuccessFactors.


A constantly growing synonym database and ontology as a basis for custom-fit matching.