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Tandemploy SaaS

The matching software for a networked organization.

Bottom-up matching in 5 modules

The Tandemploy Saas networks colleagues for fast, everyday knowledge exchange and mutual support – and specifically for 5 forms of “New Work.” Find out what your employees really care about. Give them space to develop their own solutions – and allow them to follow their processes and measures.


Do your employees want more mutual support, exchanges with experienced colleagues, and sharing of their knowledge? With our matching process, only those colleagues who can support each other optimally and learn from each other are put together.

Job Rotation

Are your employees looking for more changes of perspective and new impressions and experiences within the organization? Our matching process makes it easy to coordinate job rotation, job swapping, or even short-term internships.

Job Sharing

How many colleagues would like to reduce their working hours and start a job share – or generally like to lead in tandem? Tandemploy Matching® enables bottom-up matching, which also takes into account “suitable chemistry.”


Are your colleagues interested in contributing their expertise to thematically appropriate projects – or initiating their own ideas and initiatives? Then find the right project teams and experts with our Tandemploy Matching®.

Working Circles

How big is the demand to get together in working circles and to support each other with individual questions? Our matching process enables fast and uncomplicated creation of the most diverse working circles possible.

All modules are based on smart Tandemploy® Matching with an integrated synonym search, expert finder, and automated alerts for new matches with colleagues and/or offers in the organization.

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Simple implementation

Your path to “New Work” doesn’t need to start with a complicated introduction to software. Therefore, the implementation of our software is very straightforward. We are happy to assist you in communication with works councils, data protection and your employees.


The introduction of Tandemploy software does not require any technical implementation from you, as it is hosted in the cloud with browser-based access for your employees.


Of course, we comply with the highest data protection and IT security standards in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Works council–friendly

Works councils not only tolerate the introduction of our software – they usually highly endorse it. It is important for us to involve them early on and to inform them about the benefits of the Tandemploy SaaS.

Communicative support

Any tool can be helpful and user-friendly. However, in the end, proper communication is essential to get the most out of it. Therefore, we accompany our customers during the introduction and internal marketing phases.

Individual and Inspiring

Individual adjustments according to your corporate identity

Personal “Customer Happiness Manager”

Regular updates, improvements and new features

What our customers say

“We are scaling our successful co-leadership offering with the introduction of the Tandemploy software. SAP employees around the world can now be matched for shared jobs and joint leadership.”

Cawa YounosiHead of HR Germany & Member of the Executive Board SAP Germany

„We would like to actively foster the formation of flexible working models at Beiersdorf as we’ve gained very good experiences especially with the job sharing model. With the Tandemploy software (that we named “two:share internally) we found a concrete tool on our way to more diversity and flexibility.”

Géraldine WeilandtMarketing Direktor Pharmacy Germany & Corporate Diversity Manager Beiersdorf

“I am very pleased that our employees can network easily and cleverly with the help of the Tandemploy software and thus find colleagues who may not even have been on their radar: for job sharing, sharing knowledge – and soon also for Working Out Loud Circles.”

Rainer GimbelDigital Strategist Evonik

“We shape the future of work here and now, jointly with the people working together in organizations. I believe in the power of networks and in a lively transfer of knowledge within companies – and find the Tandemploy software so forward-looking and important.”

Werner BrandtMember of multiple Supervisory Boards & former CFO and Personnel Director SAP

“We use the Tandemploy software to better network our employees and pave the way for new ways of working. Within Haspa, colleagues can now easily connect for job sharing, knowledge transfer, reverse mentoring and lunch dates.”

Nicole VoglerHASPA - Project Owner Tandemploy SaaS

“Innovation, collaboration and knowledge transfer are essential to survival in our rapidly and clearly changing times. Tandemploy networks organizations for a sustainable way of working together – bottom-up, different, nice to look at and easy to use. This is how new work goes in the digital age.”

Michael KramarschManaging Partner hkp/// group

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