Your individual Talent Marketplace

First of all: Welcome – we’re excited to introduce you to our software! Our Tandemploy software has the advantage that it combines a wide range of matching topics in one solution. To get started, you can make an individual selection of topics for your organization – and expand them as needed later on.

What Costs should you expect?

As so often in life, the answer is: it depends! In this case, it depends on the size of your company – and how you would like to configure your individual talent marketplace.
We are a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider and in addition to a setup fee, we also charge an annual service fee that takes the following parameters into account:

The matching categories are priced differently according to their complexity. If integrations into existing (HR) systems are desired, we will charge a daily rate for their implementation.

Contact us to get a Price Estimate for your Marketplace!

To receive a custom-tailored offer, please fill out this form or just give us a call. You are also welcome to book a web demo to get a better sense of our software and its diverse matching topics.

We look forward to planning your Talent Marketplace!