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9 things we can learn from Pippi Longstocking

Some children’s books are so wise that they should be required reading for every adult – we’ve known that since at least Momo by Michael Ende. But there are even more of these special children’s books that contain so much wisdom that you should always remember them. Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren is definitely one of them.

With Pippi’s wisdom, we want to go through the New Year cheeky, wild and wonderful!

Pippi is different. She is an “odd child.” And she behaves as such. Nevertheless, or maybe because of that, we can learn a lot about life and work from Pippi:

1. “The whole world is full of things, and somebody has to look for them.”
Pippi is a Thing-Finder and always walks around the world with open eyes. She is curious and asks questions. And she can discover something special in anything. Even in a rusted tin can. How often do we overlook the small things in our fast and noisy everyday lives? Curiosity should always be maintained in everyday (working) life.

2. “Who said children should go to sleep at seven?”
Have we always done that? That doesn’t count for Pippi!
Who said that work fits best in a 40-hour week?

3. “No, I don’t suffer from freckles,” said Pippi.

“But, my dear child, your whole face is covered with freckles!”

“I know it,” said Pippi, “But I don’t suffer from them. I love them. Good morning.”

“But if you should happen to get in any salve that gives people more freckles, then you can send me seven or eight jars.”

Pippi is different. She is maladapted and stands out. But she is self-confident and always emphasizes her peculiarities and her views, and is proud of exactly that. Alleged blemishes and weaknesses can be the exact opposite, if you just change your perspective. Such a wonderful thought, from which we can definitely learn a thing or two. Think outside the box! Be uncomfortable! Be yourself – with everything that goes with it!

4. “If a stranger should come to a certain little Swedish town and should happen one day to find himself at a certain spot on the edge of it, he would see Villa Villekulla…. If the little girl came to the gate – as she would almost certainly do, because she liked talking to people – then he would be able to take a good look at her. And he would very likely think, She’s one of the most freckled and red-haired children I’ve ever seen.”

Yes, Pippi likes to talk to people. She likes to talk to children, adults and even animals. She is open and unbiased. Pippi likes to communicate and get to know so many people. She is – despite being as cheeky as she sometimes seems – almost always very polite and appreciative (in her own way, of course). Even if is the other person isn’t. When did you last talk to a stranger (out of pure curiosity)? Are you friendly when someone is rude?

5. “Do not wait for people to smile at you. Show them how it’s done!”

Pippi is very positive and loves life. That’s what she shares with all the people she meets, and infects them all with it. Imitation wanted!

6. “I’ll make the world the way I like it.”

We can only make a difference if we take our lives and our work into our own hands and actively shape them. Pippi leads the way with a positive example.

7. “I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”

#MakeItEasy! Why should one assume a negative outcome? And even then, would it really be that bad? You’re allowed to experiment. And you’re allowed to fail.
Pippi is brave and often tries new things. Maybe you should, too?

8. “Lazing about is wonderful!”

As active as Pippi is throughout the day, she also takes nice breaks. When she is tired, she goes to sleep. If she wants to be lazy, she is lazy.
Then everything else is much more fun!
Have you taken a conscious break today? ?

9. “How nice it is to live.”

When Pippi said that, she was sitting in the garden with her friends Annika and Thomas, smelling flowers, drinking coffee and eating gingerbread cookies.
Pippi loves her life and she shares that too. She enjoys the little things and beautiful moments.

This list could go on: Pippi is very generous and likes to share; she fights for the weak; and always takes good care of her friends…

Lateral thinking desired!

The most important lessons are summarized here. After all, companies today need employees with Pippi’s qualities. People who are different. Lateral thinkers who are courageous and appreciative; who motivate, electrify, and inspire. People who are also uncomfortable and talk about things. But they also look at opportunities and solutions from a different angle. This is how innovation is created. This creates cultural change.

And in our everyday life, sometimes you just need a “Pippi” sitting next to you and making you aware of all those little big things. To remind you that every day we all have the opportunity to shape our lives and our work and make them a bit more colorful.

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