Live what you preach!

Imagine a world where people achieve more while working less.

At a time when everyone is talking about “New Work” and the “Future of Work”, we try to practice what we preach. After all, how else could we plausibly and effectively make organizations more flexible and inspire them to create a more agile working environment using our solutions?

Our core value is “People Matter”, because in the end what matters most – above all else – is the question “What are we doing this for?”

When we started Tandemploy, we had a vision: We wanted to make a very pragmatic and concrete contribution to a more flexible and livable working world, allowing work to fit into people’s lives, not the other way around. As a result, we believe that this new working world would not only be more human but also more productive and economically successful than it has been in the past. This vision guides us to this day and remains the driving principle in everything we do.

Time Manifesto

Climate Manifesto

If you like to learn more about us, our values and company culture we are looking forward to welcoming you in our Berlin office! If you wish for some Tandemploy goodies, for example for an own event, please just leave us a message – and we’ll see what we can do. Our popular Manifesto is free for downloading here!