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Get out of silos! Competitive advantage through knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer is currently one of THE topics when it comes to digital transformation in companies. At the same time, dealing with knowledge is also a big challenge. Increased flexibility, higher turnover and greater complexity make companies more vulnerable to a loss of knowledge. Therefore, a good, continuous knowledge transfer has many advantages.

Get out of silos!

Flexibility and collaboration are essential for holistic digitalization. However, neither are not possible in silos. Much of the knowledge lies in the minds of employees. So how can knowledge transfer take place when employees work in their own silos? They need structures and ways of working that not only allow creative, innovative and free thinking, but actively promote it. In companies, therefore, one’s own digital transformation always begins with the successful networking of employees and a flexibilization of the work models and structures – which thus enables a lively transfer of knowledge.

Advantages of good, continuous knowledge transfer:

  • Systematic knowledge transfer contributes to the optimization of work and business processes
  • Errors and duplication can be avoided
  • It’s easier to identify problems and turn them into new solutions – through multiple perspectives
  • Key knowledge is lost less often – it benefits predecessors, successors and the organization
  • A continuous stream of knowledge develops between older and younger colleagues, from which all sides profit
  • Different competencies can be combined with each other – thus the team becomes more efficient through a successful knowledge transfer
  • Experts can be more easily located to share their knowledge
  • Networking employees and collaborative work also ensure a stronger connection to the company

All these aspects also mean that companies can save time and money. In-house knowledge transfer is therefore worthwhile at all levels: relevant knowledge remains within the company, and employees can work together in a more collaborative manner and complement each other optimally – thereby promoting the ability to innovate. New colleagues find it easier to familiarize themselves and knowledge is available more quickly to all employees.

Although these sound like good arguments, you might still need some help with the implementation.

Here’s the good news upfront: every company already has an incredible amount of knowledge, creativity and innovation potential. What’s missing are spaces to share knowledge, to open and connect silos, and to foster a lively exchange of expertise and ideas. With our Tandemploy SaaS, we connect this valuable and existing knowledge within your company – and support you in your full potential development.

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