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Make your work visible! – Working Out Loud

Agility, knowledge exchange, silo teardown, cultural change … these are some of our major topics. So, it stands to reason that we find the Working Out Loud movement (named after the eponymous book by John Stepper) very exciting. But what is this “Working Out Loud” anyway? And what exactly does the method have to do with flexibilization, digitization and the dismantling of silos?

What is Working Out Loud?

“Working Out Loud is simply a way of building relevant work relationships that can help you reach a goal or discover new topics.” John Stepper

Working Out Loud is, to put it simply, a set of practical techniques and tools for building relationships. For many WOL devotees, however, it is much more than that. Working Out Loud is a way of life. It’s about using stories, practices and exercises to deepen relationships and change your own behaviors – to be more open, generous, and networked. It’s about relating to individuals as well as entire companies.

How does it work?

Working Out Loud is suitable for anyone who wants to work and live more openly, self-organized and networked – it’s more about what goal you’re pursuing. Working Out Loud starts with these three questions:

What am I trying to achieve?
Who can connect with my goal?
What can I offer to those people in return to deepen our relationship?
The method is then practically implemented in a WOL Circle. You meet in small groups every week for 12 weeks (in person or digitally) and each participant works on their own goal with the help of the other group members. The Circle can of course also be implemented in companies.

Digital, self-organized, collaborative & connected

In fact, we and other companies are already using some WOL practices and techniques, unconsciously and without naming them as such.
This is because digitization needs new working models, structures and the right mindset. Without networks and collaboration, there can be no innovation. Without a transfer of knowledge, silos remain. Free and networked thinking is the foundation of cultural change.

Employees must be given the opportunity to network and share their knowledge. They need space for exchange, mutual support and inspiration. Only in this way can flexible forms of work and real networks emerge. Thus, Working Out Loud can be an approach to empower the experts that businesses really need for digital change – their own employees.

Forming a Circle and networking with the right colleagues is also possible through our software. Direct, easy and bottom-up, of course.

Make it easy! WOL as a further step in cultural change

By working people into Working Out Loud sessions, their work becomes more visible, effective and fulfilling. They usually work in a more self-organized and networked way. This in turn means that the entire corporate culture becomes more open, innovative and collaborative; knowledge silos are torn down; and genuine knowledge sharing emerges. The result: agile, highly networked and digital companies.
No wonder, then, that companies like Siemens, Daimler, BOSCH and Continental are already successfully using Working Out Loud.


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