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Flexibility means freedom – job sharing at Stonehedge

Nedeljko Prodanovic (Managing Partner)

Stonehedge Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH is a real-estate developer based in Berlin and its group of companies includes all types of skills, from acquisition to sales. They believe in flexible working and an open culture. We talked to Nedeljko Prodanovic about flexible working models, his wishes for their first tandem position, and the corporate culture of Stonehedge.

How did you come to offer job sharing?

We noticed in recent interviews that more and more applicants were looking for a working model that deviates from the classic 9-to-5 or 40-hour week to have more space and time for family, friends or leisure activities. Generally, we already have different models, e.g., home office. But some positions need to be occupied throughout the office’s opening hours. Since one of these jobs is now vacant, we considered what we could do so that our office remained occupied during business hours but also allowed us to remain an attractive employer to good people. And thus the idea was born to offer this position as a tandem.

What excites you about flexible working models?

Flexibility means freedom in both directions – the employee can arrange their life as they wish or have time when family responsibilities arise. Thus, the employee is relaxed, motivated and satisfied, even at work. As a company, we not only benefit from our employees’ satisfaction, but we also get people who think openly and flexibly at their core and, when necessary, they are flexible with us as well (when, for example, a project has to be completed). The nice thing about a tandem is that we have two new personalities on the team who contribute their ideas and shape the company’s development.

You are currently searching for job sharers/tandems. In which areas could you imagine job sharing?

As a real-estate developer, our company covers the entire value-creation process in-house. We have civil engineers, project developers, real estate professionals, businesswomen/men of every kind, designers, sales professionals and cultural scientists in-house; so, a very heterogeneous team and versatile job profiles. A tandem would certainly not be so easy to do for project development, since a special kind of knowledge transfer must be guaranteed. But it’s easier to do it in sales, accounting or marketing.

If you could have three wishes for your first job-sharing tandem, what would they be?

  1. Take the initiative in the tandem and organize yourself independently in your area of ​​work.
  2. Our strength is our team. Have a hands-on mentality as well as open eyes to go through day-to-day work and see if anyone needs support.
  3. Be flexible – in thinking and acting. Sometimes go in new directions and find alternative solutions.

What distinguishes Stonehedge as an employer?

Stonehedge is an owner-managed and mature company. Many employees from the founding years are still here. At Stonehedge, you can evolve; we even support employees during part-time studies. In everyday working life, everyone has the opportunity to contribute their thoughts and ideas. We value new perspectives and alternative approaches, because we also need this kind of thinking in our projects.

The tasks are very versatile and you learn new things with each project. Each of our houses is special and requires its own design. And we have different in-house skills that make collaboration interesting and lively: civil engineers, project developers, real-estate professionals, businesswomen/men, sales professionals, cultural scientists and media designers.

How would you describe your corporate culture? What can applicants look forward to?

Our team is heterogeneous in terms of age, gender, origin and appearance. We look at the personalities, skills and goals of the applicants. We get along well, laugh a lot and help each other. The management also appreciates this cooperative arrangement and really exemplifies it. In between, we play foosball, we celebrate our successes together and motivate each other.

Our focus is the future. We look to the future, are open to technical innovations and look forward to what lies ahead. Through our work, we design urban spaces and thus living spaces. We believe in our ideas.

Applicants can look forward to authentic people on the team, to an entrepreneur and founder as a boss, to exciting projects, to training opportunities, to freedom, to team events and a nice working atmosphere. We have a foosball table, fresh fruit for everyone, free drinks and help with the cost of lunch.

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