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Beiersdorf Exclusive: Nicole Dieckmann und Johanna Smer

For two years, Nicole and Johanna have shared the position as Head of Tactical Planning at Beiersdorf. Find out how they met each other, how they organize their everyday job sharing, and what they like about this model.

You have been working in job sharing for two years now. Before that, you knew each other only fleetingly. How did you find each other for the tandem?

Nicole & Johanna: We were approached by our supervisor about whether we could imagine the role as a job share, since we both had applied to the same position – Johanna had come back from her parental leave and Nicole from a foreign assignment.

Job sharing Interview Beiersdorf

How do you organize your job-sharing work routine?

Nicole & Johanna: Basically, we are equally responsible for all content and the team, but still use our respective strengths. Above all, this is reflected in topic and project planning. To keep both of us up to date, we use a common e-mail address and speak regularly.

How did you come to choose this model? What was your motivation to work less?

Nicole & Johanna: That’s easy: the opportunity to do a demanding job while having enough time for our children and families.

What do you love about job sharing?

Nicole & Johanna: Through close cooperation, we can learn from each other’s strengths and both profit from the continuous exchange. For example, we can look at important decisions from different perspectives.

Please complete the following sentence: “Job sharing allows me …”

Nicole & Johanna: … to combine a demanding job with time for our children and families, and to bring in the strengths of two different people in one job.




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