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Beiersdorf Exclusive: Andrea Schütte and Cindy Graupner

Andrea and Cindy work in a job tandem as the Senior Medical Marketing Manager in Medical Management of the Business Unit Pharmacy Germany. They told us in an interview what makes their arrangement special, how they organize themselves, and what job sharing means to them.

You work together in a special kind of job share. How does that look exactly?

Andrea & Cindy: We work as the Senior Medical Marketing Manager in the Business Unit Pharmacy Germany. Our job share allows us to work in a position with a high level of responsibility despite the reduced number of hours.
We divide the scope of our job according to indications; that is, according to the classification of diseases according to the doctor. This has the advantage that we can be in the office in parallel and work on the same days.

What is special about your model?

Andrea & Cindy: Each of us works on our own projects and has our own area of ​​responsibility. Regular handovers are therefore not necessary for us. However, we appreciate that we can exchange ideas and benefit from each other’s ideas and experiences. Because of the job share, we are two people who deal with similar topics, and that makes us good sparring partners.

What was your motivation to work less?

Cindy: My son is still very young and I find job sharing an ideal way to do a challenging and motivating job while still spending time with my child.

Andrea: My children are a bit older and I am very grateful to be able to work a reduced number of hours in order to be able to support them, for example, in school-related issues. At the same time, I have a job that I like to do every day. For me, job sharing is definitely a longer-term model rather than just a transitional phase.

It sounds like you’ve found a great working-time model for your life situation. How does flexibility affect your work and your life?

Andrea & Cindy: We are fortunate that we have a supervisor who supports flexible work and that a permanent presence in the office isn’t mandatory. In our experience, you are very focused while working just because of the limited time, meaning you make decisions quickly and thus pragmatically. Besides, our work does not require that the desk be occupied daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Of course, sales meetings or workshops require that we also work full-time for several days. But we also have that flexibility.

Please complete the following sentence: “To me, job sharing means…

Cindy: … to be able to do an interesting job and always have someone to talk to.

Andrea: … pulling together and using our different strengths for our work in a positive way.





“For us, our manager, and the team, it’s win-win-win.” – Job sharing at Google.

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