Everything is different! 44 questions about the world of work

I’m reading a book that inspires me to ask more questions. I like questions anyway, but in “Rock your Idea. To change the world with ideas” by Martin Gaedt, one is downright encouraged to ask excessive questions. “Questions bring ideas and change,” it says, and “questioning habits brings new things to the world.” I especially like the statement, Everything works differently.” Because hey, why not?
The author suggests asking questions at every traffic light, in every traffic jam, in every waiting room, at every imaginable opportunity: 44 in one go. Anyone who does this regularly (practicing questioning, so to speak) increases his question fitness and comes up with completely new ideas. Even a “throw-away question” can make the difference. The chapter ends with a clear request: “Asking good questions is trainable. So, get to practicing!”

I felt directly challenged and tried to go with my gut to ask 44 questions about the world of work, the issue closest to my heart.

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