Everyone can be a mentor!

Everyone has already heard the term mentoring. In practice, it usually refers to a very classic mentoring approach: an inexperienced mentee learns from an experienced mentor – and to be a mentor or participate in a mentoring program, you first have to qualify. “Reverse Mentoring” (old learns from young) is slowly (and complementarily) gaining traction. However, most of these programs are still controlled top-down, and thus not by the mentors and mentees themselves, but by an organizer. It’s high time to clear off the dust collecting on conventional mentoring programs! Read more


#ChangeAgent Robert Franken – The merit system penalizes people in our society

Robert Franken deals with Digital Leadership, Gender Empathy and New Work. As a speaker, moderator and author, he brings socially relevant content to the outside world and publishes it (among other things) on his blog, Digitale Tanzformation, as well as on the platform for Male Feminists Europe. He is committed to fair employment – for both women and men – and stands up for his beliefs. He definitely belongs among our #ChangeAgents.

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