“But good ideas only become good projects through networking.” Interview with Gabriel Rath from OstseeSparkasse Rostock

Gabriel Rath is responsible for Social Media & Social Collaboration at OstseeSparkasse (English: Baltic Sea Savings Bank; hereafter “OSPA”) Rostock. In an interview, he told us why OSPA is, in many ways, different than most savings banks, what changes their OSPA-Connect project has brought, and why they also engage in Working Out Loud. Read more


Without projects, there’s no innovation: why companies should rely on their own employees.

Projects, projects, projects! They are a driving force for innovation and change, and defining and developing new projects is vital to every company. In most cases, however, project initiation and project staffing are implemented following a classic top-down approach. This is often complicated, expensive, and does not necessarily contribute to a good working environment. In today’s companies, project initiation and staffing can work differently: direct, simple and driven by people. It’s time for a change.

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